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Mom Intuitive Healing Circle Membership

The Mom Intuitive Healing Circle Membership

Are you ready to join a sacred divine feminine space that is going to help you embody your higher self's mission, strengthen your intuitive power and manifest your goals from a place born of your inner guidance?

  • You are feeling called to step into your purpose and power and embrace your spiritual gifts, but you're uncertain where to begin.
  • You have a meditation or intuitive practice but want to go much deeper and learn the spiritual and transformational tools that create lasting change.
  • You have a big vision for your life, and want to manifest your goals for your personal life, career and business.
  • You feel a greater connection to the universe/god/spiritual energy lately and want to explore that connection on deeper level.
  • You have a desire to join a community of other moms who are all exploring their spiritual journeys
  • You feel called to explore your spiritual gifts and to join a very welcoming and safe space to explore topics that are not accepted so freely in the mainstream.
  • You love all things lunar/moon energies, astrology, mystical and magickal, and desire to further develop monthly practices around moon and cosmic events and cosmic energies.

You have a desire to embrace your authenticity and reclaim your inner divine feminine power...

You also desire:

  • A life that is built on your own terms
  • Time freedom to be able to travel and spend time with your family and friends
  • Financial security and abundance
  • Sense of peace and calm in your life and a feeling that you’re living life on purpose
  • To take care of yourself in spirit, body and mind so you can show up in a way that is energetically filling rather than draining
  • Being comfortable and confident with who you are so you can step into your higher purpose to serve the world in your unique expression
  • To leave a lasting impact and legacy in all that you do and be an example for your kids of what purposeful living looks like
  • Safety to show up in your full expression, knowing that when you do, your life takes on a powerful intuitive flow, free from judgement, negativity, self-doubt and uncertainty

Introducing the Mom Intuitive Healing Circle Membership - a monthly intuitive and spiritual healing membership that meets you where you're at, and deeply nurtures and supports you in your unique journey.

This can all be your reality!

And you’re actually right on time!

In the Mom Intuitive Healing membership you are going to embrace your unique journey with self-compassion and apply the self-healing tools that will help you in getting to where you desire to be. This isn’t a forceful process, but a gentle healing journey.

And it’s a month-by-month intuitive and mystical journey with various guided topics featured each month throughout the year.

Including 3 live group events per calendar month – held on Zoom and Facebook Live.

✨ Weekly Journaling/Writing Prompts to tap into your intuitive and inner goddess power
✨Weekly Soul Work for you to strengthen your connection to your higher self and intuition
✨A monthly live Zoom Healer's Circle Call for you to gain confidence and unblock limiting beliefs (includes alternating reiki, group hypnotherapy sessions and Akashic Records Insights.)
✨Weekly Extended Tarot/Oracle Readings in the Private Group for guided Intuitive Inspiration
✨Monthly Full Moon, New Moon & other guided meditations and ceremonies for working with the energies of the cosmos 
✨Recorded and Live Video Trainings for Intuitive Development, Spirituality, Shadow Healing, Generational Healing, Divine Feminine and Masculine Healing, Goddess Healing and embodiment plus more topics as we evolve and grow.
✨Monthly Challenges for you to dive deeper into your personal inner power and to connect with your higher self on a deeper level 
✨A private FB Community for you to connect daily with your fellow members, ask questions, follow daily intuitive guidance prompts and more

There are also some bonuses for signing up for the full 12 month membership:

❤️‍🔥11% off all private session and package bookings and future courses, masterclasses and programs

❤️‍🔥1:1 Healing Hypno-Akashic Session (60 minutes) $222 value, Booked anytime during your membership

*Add on private 1:1 Voxer coaching on anything coming up as you move through your journey 3 days/week M-F for additional $97 per month

If you're ready for MORE in body, mind and soul and ready to embrace your higher self's vision for your life, and SO READY to do something to nourish YOU each and every day, then I invite you to join us. 💜

12 Modules

Journey 1 - The Inward Journey Toward Your Intuitive Power and Soulful Purpose

Welcome to the first Journey of the Mom Intuitive Healing Circle!

I'm so thrilled you made the life-changing decision to join me here, as you are going to magically transform your life and business, and step into the highest embodiment of your higher self's mission and purpose. 

In this Journey you are going to go on a deep inner exploration of where you are currently and where you desire to be in the future.

So let's get started on journeying together through this magical experience of soulful discovery.

Spiritual Protection List

When you're first beginning a spiritual intuitive practice, you always want to make sure you have a spiritual protection list in place. 

Each day before engaging in your meditations, readings, or other spiritual rituals, state your protection list aloud (even keep a copy in important places in your home - near your bedside, on your bathroom mirror or in your office - anywhere you'll see the list and be reminded of it each day.)

Goddesses of Spring Healing Journey

Self-Hypnosis Journeys

Live Call Schedule

Our monthly Zoom Healer's Circle Call (where all the magic happens!) will be held on the fourth Thursday of every month as outlined below. Call dates/times may change around holidays - and I will always provide an update of schedule changes within the Facebook Group.

Bonus Workshops

In this area you can find Bonus Workshops around a variety of topics - Intuition, Spirituality, Manifesting, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, Goddess Power Workshops, plus more topics as we evolve and grow.

Modules for this product 12
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