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SHIFT Group Program

SHIFT is a Transformational 8-week group program to radically shift and heal your mindset around showing up as your most powerful self to manifest your biggest goals in the world. Coming in October 2022!!

SHIFT was designed for you to heal those limiting beliefs, subconscious blocks, and fears that are holding you back, and to SHIFT into your most powerful self so you can manifest those big, wild goals you've been desiring to bring into the world. (formerly called the Mom Mindset and Manifestation Program, the program has been supercharged with an abundance of healing and subconscious releasing work including hypnosis and energetic block breakthroughs so you can radically SHIFT your mindset, SHIFT your thoughts, and SHIFT your life.

This is for both mom entrepreneurs and other purpose-driven moms who desire to manifest their big goals but are tired of the “one sized fits all” processes that don’t take into consideration your unique energetic blueprint or your healing journey.

We'll work together on digging deep into your mindset, what is holding you back from manifesting your dreams, and embracing the flow for your unique plan.

SHIFT your Mindset. SHIFT your Energy. SHIFT your life.

🌻 Subconscious rewiring that shifts your energy from frenetic to intentionally aligned so you can take action from a place of ease and confidence.

🌻 Inner Intuition discovery process so you can learn your unique intuitive blueprint and use it to make aligned decisions with ease, instead of getting caught in the indecision spin cycle. Create an aligned intuitive road map you can use in your life to eliminate doubt, overwhelm, and fear.

🌻 Addressing limiting beliefs with self-awareness & self-compassion and consciously choosing to take on new empowering beliefs

🌻 Allowing emotions to flow through instead of suppressing them; learn techniques to release stuck energy and stuck emotions (Emotions are energy in motion.)

🌻 Build radical resilience in the face of life’s challenges and instill self-compassion into your daily conscious life so you're no longer beating yourself up for moving "too slowly," or "healing too slowly."

🌻 GAIN fierce clarity, a sense of purpose, resolve & resilience while taking intentional aligned action steps toward your goals

🌻 Discover your authentic soul / higher self and show up in the world in the energy of authenticity using your intuition to guide your life / Stop judging yourself and instead move through life with ease and flow

🌻 Feminine vs Masculine divine energy and how to use both to manifest what you desire and not get stuck in either energy (how to use cyclical energy)

🌻 Give your mindset permission to flow easily into manifesting energy (Intention, Clarity, Aligned Action) and when you get stuck allowing yourself to ground and realign in your intentions so you can get to the root of why your manifestations are getting stuck.

Think of this as your next aligned action in your life, business, and career.

I'd love to help you step into your power so you can feel confident walking in the direction of your dreams as a passionate purpose-driven mom.

You deserve to be fulfilled, you deserve to shift from subconscious programming that might be holding you back, and you deserve to MANIFEST your dream life.

Because our dreams don't stop when we become moms. In fact I think motherhood unveils our dreams even more because our souls are cracked wide open as a mother, a caregiver, as someone who is now navigating the challenges of parenting, and caring for another human being while maintaining our other core relationships with our partners, our friends, and our other family members, and the relationship with ourself.

The SHIFT Group program is for you if you have the desire to design your own version of success; you want to learn how to harness your inner power & your creativity to manifest your biggest goals without burning yourself out. You want to learn how to use your unique energetic Blueprint to build the life you desire, day to day, week to week, month after month.

You want to live in the ease & flow of attracting more opportunities that align with your unique self and you want to take guided action steps toward fulfilling your manifestations.

Included in SHIFT:

⚡️ 8- 60 minute group coaching sessions hosted on zoom diving deeper into each week’s topic (focusing on how each week you can SHIFT further and further into your most powerful and aligned self.) ($3,000 value) All sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the SHIFT portal.

⚡️ Weekly Soul Work to integrate your self-learning and development (Journaling, Intuitive Practice, Grounding Techniques, Breathwork and other goodies I will add in along the way!)

⚡️ 3 Group Hypnosis Manifestation Activation Sessions so we can hardwire your desired manifestations into your subconscious mind.

⚡️ Personalized hypnosis recorded audio for you to use throughout your journey customized to what you’re most desiring to manifest, heal and shift.

⚡️2023 Visioning and Manifestation Zoom Session - 90 minutes ($199 value) - Scheduled in December

⚡️Supplemental Support – Resources to read, listen to, meditations, hypnosis audios and other resources that will help you along the way. Think of this  as my curated list of materials that will help you step into your unique and magnetic power.

⚡️Weekly soul work and exercises related to each session that will help you become more powerful and aligned to the journey you're on.

⚡️Also included is a private Moms’ Inner Healing Circle - a monthly 45-minute zoom call specifically focused on healing techniques to unblock your stuck energy, to talk through your emotions or thoughts coming up, and to be a part of a compassionate community of intuitive moms who are stepping into their power and purpose. The Healing Circle is a separate monthly membership but you get access to this with enrollment in SHIFT for 12 months following the completion of the program! 

The Healing Circle includes mini courses & trainings, guest sessions, challenges, hypnosis audios, meditation audios & embodied and energetic practices to help you in your healing journey (and I'll be updating and adding more and more resources as we go since this is a brand-new membership!


🔥 1:1 Private Intuitive Hypnotherapy Session (60 minutes)

🔥 1:1 Energetic Block Breakthrough Session (30 minutes)

Sign up for SHIFT today to grab your spot, as I'm only opening this powerful program up to 10 moms who want to go all in on Shifting into their most powerful reality. If you are feeling called to SHIFT, come join us!


What to Expect

1. When enrolling in SHIFT, you will be added to the group portal, with all the information you will need for the 8-week program, including start dates, weekly session dates, and extra supplemental training sessions and dates.

2. You'll get all the exact times & dates of the Group Calls and other Sessions sent to the email you used to enroll in the program.

3. Included are Eight 1-hour Group Coaching sessions scheduled weekly on Zoom. They will be recorded as I know sometimes we're in varying time zones and it's difficult to get on live calls each week.

4. All supplemental exercises, videos, PDFs and downloads will be housed in this MemberVault Portal for the duration of the SHIFT Program.

If you are feeling called to SHIFT, come join us!

1 Module

Welcome to SHIFT!

If you are here then you made the bold decision take back your power and join me in the SHIFT Group Program. Can I just tell you first you're an amazing badass mom, and you are doing so great!!

I'm so happy we found each other in this corner of the world, because I have a strong feeling that I was meant to meet you at this time and in this place so I can help you shift and heal your limiting beliefs, leave the overwhelm in the past and manifest your dream life.

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