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2023 Manifesting Dreams- Chakra Vision Board Workshop

2023 Manifestation Vision Board Workshop

A 90-minute vision board workshop to Manifest your dreams and desires. Energetically align with your goals for 2023. Create a powerful vision board, using takeaway strategies and techniques and also using the power of the subconscious mind 🧠 to effect life changing transformation. 

Magically infuse the power of visualization and subconscious techniques to positively impact the vision you manifest for your life in 2023 & beyond.

We will be going beyond simply creating a board with images and words (although that is encouraged), but this is a deep dive into archetypal themes & goals for your life that you want to manifest into reality in the coming year.

Using the power of oracle and tarot cards to draw out themes, focusing on the chakras to hone in on which area of life you feel most drawn to improve upon, or an area of health, mind/body connection, spiritual connection, etc. we will be going through several life areas according to the wheel of life so you can choose your personal themes. Then we will use subconscious energetic releasing techniques to help you let go of old stories or limiting beliefs that tell you that you can't achieve your big dreams and goals in 2023.

Bring lots of water and wear comfy clothes because this is going to be both a healing and an invigorating experience for you to tap into your unique energy to create your big vision for manifesting your goals and dreams in 2023 and beyond!

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Details & Workbooks

Here you can download your Manifesting Workshop Journaling Guide & Workbook.

Masterclass Replay

The replay of the 2023 Manifesting Dreams Chakra Vision Board Workshop will be uploaded here once the event takes place live on Feb. 1, 2023 at 1:30pm CST. 

How We Can Work Together Further

I'd love to support you in your unique journey!

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