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Welcome to the Freebie Library, where you'll find pre-recorded workshops, PDF Guides, Journals, Self-Hypnosis, Meditations and Healing Audios and more for stepping into your most powerful intuitive self and manifesting your dream life.

Also included here are all of my Free Challenges and Workshops previously hosted in Mom Intuitive Healing Circle Facebook Group. You're getting access to all of the freebies I've ever created and shared with my audience :-)

10 Modules

The Working Mom Find Your Passion Worksheet

Use this guided reflection + worksheet to help determine what your inner voice is guiding you towards in your working mom career and life. Follow the guided prompts, and download the PDF worksheet if you prefer writing old school style (I know there are various preferences!)

The Live Purposeful Mom Challenge (hosted Dec. 2021)

This is for you if you’re a mom ready to show up for yourself in 2022 and beyond.

This is a great class to watch at the beginning of a new quarter, new year or new personal cycle in your life - You'll walk away feeling renewed and ready to take aligned action on your goals.

⁣⁣If you’re a purpose driven mom tired of the 9-to-5 hustle and want to find a better way of expressing your true gifts to the world.⁣⁣You have the ability to create your own version of a beautifully designed life - that you’re excited to wake up for each day!⁣⁣

You don’t have to settle for a life on autopilot that someone else told you was successful.⁣⁣ You can take back your power and start living your version of a successful and fulfilling life.⁣⁣

This challenge will support you in:⁣⁣

  • Discovering your passions
  • Defining your version of Success⁣
  • Finding your why⁣
  • Declaring your intentions for 2022⁣
  • Get you fired up to reach your life and biz goals on your own terms⁣⁣

Why is Intuition Important?

This was a Facebook Live I did in 2022 about why honoring our unique intuition is so important to guide our lives.

Manifestation and Mindset 101

Trusting the Process

11-11-22 Portal Meditation

Mom Energetic Reset Retreat October 2022

The Mom Energetic Reset Retreat Private Podcast October 18-21, 2022 Where you will experience an energetic SHIFT so you can fully step into pursuing your big, wild goals consistently and sustainably and by using your unique energy and intuition to manifest your dream life & business.

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