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Hi, I'm Kelli. I work with women who desire to tap in to their deep intuitive power to co-create their most aligned, beautiful lives on Earth.

This journey is about reclaiming your authenticity to step into your wild woman vibe.

When you unapologetically and unwaveringly choose YOURSELF, you send a signal to the universe that you're open to receive all the beautiful gifts this lifetime has to offer.

If you've felt the call to self-heal and get into energetic alignment so you can feel incredible, release past heavy energy that isn't yours to carry, and create the next chapter of your life feeling empowered, vibrant, emotionally balanced and connecting with your light source energy every single day...oh and make the world a better place for your kiddos...we do that around here too...Then you are in the right place.

It's my belief that all beings are worthy inherently, because we exist.

As women, we've been programmed to believe that we must be constantly "fixing" something to become "better" versions of ourselves.

But I've never bought into a need to "fix" myself...because I know I'm inherently worthy, and so are you.

I teach women with big, wild dreams to self-heal and get into energetic alignment.

I am not a "guru" and will never claim to be.

Every single human living on Earth has an innate intuitive ability, and I am the mentor that will help you to uncover yours.

As moms and/or primary caregivers, it's so easy to fall into taking care of everyone else's needs first, and often the first thing we drop is tuning into our inner guiding light to continue doing what lights us up on a soul level. You're here because you have felt the soul calling to rediscover what lights you up...You're drawn to working with spiritual and universal energies to co-create your most magickal life born of your intuitive power.

Start with an Intuitive Insights Akashic Records Reading to dive into your soul story and what you are here to create, be, and do in this lifetime on Earth – This signature reading opens you up to insights from your soul, and is perfect for anyone who feels the call to reignite your soulful purpose and path on Earth.

Available Products

UNBOUND: A Witchy Multi-Dimensional Healing Experience

You become an embodiment of Divine Feminine Power by reclaiming the WITCH within you.

This 4-month group healing experience with twice per month Zoom sessions will help you to dig deeply and uncover what is calling to you to bring to the surface to be healed/transformed/transmuted so you can reclaim your most authentic and soul-led, spirit-led life on Earth.

When you begin to unravel lifetimes of wounding, persecution, judgment, hate, and disappointment, negative energies and stagnant vibes that weren't really even yours to carry, you Reclaim the Witch Within.

She is your wild woman, raw in nature, dancing around the fire under a full moon. She is you holding your boundaries, protecting your energy like a mama bear protects her cubs.

She is you choosing to be free and happy, honoring your inner child, having fun in this crazy earth school we're living in.

She is you exploring what your inner authentic light means to you, not to anyone else, but to you.

The Witch within is your empowered voice, desiring to be seen, heard and understood.

The UNBOUND group program will follow the cycles of the moon, with supplemental healing/clearing/transforming moon rituals incorporated each week to add to your shedding layers of beliefs and old energies that are ready to be transmuted.

There will be Group Voxer Support for the duration of the program, M-F 10am - 2pm.

Becoming: Intuitive Empowerment Mentorship, Energy Healing and Akashic Soul Coaching Journey

The Intuitive Empowerment Journey is a 6 month Live 1:1 Mentoring Experience for moms where you will engage in a high-level mind/body/soul alignment and intuitive self-discovery process using a variety of spiritual and mindset healing tools, customized to your unique journey.

Knowing that you hold the key to your soul calling, this customized mentorship will allow you to dig deep to find that key within, underneath the layers of societal programming, expectations, and outside influences, that were entangled within you for so long.

Recognizing that your unique journey unfolds over time, is why I set this mentorship for a period of 6-months so we can really deeply explore what that journey looks like for you.

I invite you to fill out this 1:1 application if you're ready to take this intuitive empowerment journey together.

BONUS: All clients who book in the Becoming Journey in the months of January will receive Holy Fire Reiki I Placement at no additional charge. To be scheduled in 2024.

Modern Witch Mama Soul Healing Coven

Do you want to live from a state of energetic freedom by learning to self-heal, clear your own energy, and ground and work deeply in communion with Mama Gaia and Nature Spirit energies?

Have you heard the call of your Inner Witch - that woman who is in total control of herself, maintaining her personal power and not letting others' energies drag her down in pursuit of her biggest goals/manifestations?

The Modern Witch Mama Soul Healing Coven is your energetic safe haven for you to set up and follow your own self-healing rituals so you can release those denser energies and FEEL FREAKING INCREDIBLE each and every day.

You are the person everyone turns to for healing support - whether that is your kids, spouse, friends, clients. You're the go-to nurturing soul who feels most at home when you're helping others. You thrive on helping others.

But...You can tend to get lost in others' problems; in their needs. Sometimes you can even forget about your own needs and you can unintentionally deplete your energy while helping others.

It's time you took steps toward fulfilling your own spiritual healing path and regaining your energetic health by joining a Coven of like-minded Women that are reclaiming their Inner Power and protecting their energy and boundaries each and every day, showing up as the intuitive empowered leaders of their own lives (Witches, Healers, Shamans, Shamanic Practitioners, Breathwork Healers, Movement Medicine Healers, Yoginis, Meditation Facilitators, Tarot Readers, Lightworkers, and Priestesses are all welcome, but you certainly don't have to identify with any of these labels, you only have to show up with an open mind and heart!)

As you are working through the light and shadows to transmute your deepest inner wounds into positive forward momentum toward manifesting your soul level path...this is the space to be deeply held and supported in a space that beautifully merges the divine feminine with the divine masculine.

You may feel the soul call to help others on their healing journeys - you know it's part of your soul purpose. Even if you don't know the exact “how” and “why” of this calling.

But you tend to give away a lot of your energy for "free," you are the go-to person to help others and it can be soooooo draining. Like "lay in bed for days watching Friends reruns and eating a tub of ice cream" type-draining.

I see you and I want you to feel nourished and replenished, not drained and depleted!

In the Coven we'll get into Soul Nurturing and Energetic Health Practices and Self-Healing for you to tend to your own inner needs.

But beyond that, we'll dive into Modern Witch Practices for you to set up solid energetic protections and boundaries so you can rest easy knowing you're protected from outside influences and sources. We'll also get into rituals, spell work and learning fun witchy things that you can put into practice in your everyday life! (think making spell candles, anointing oils, learning how to do your own intuitive readings and working with tarot/oracle and runes for divination!

This is a group for you to rediscover your Inner Self and Nurture her, whether you refer her as your intuition, higher self or inner divine feminine. But as you tend to your soul, know that it will energetically extend to others around you. Expect not only inner transformations, but expect those to reflect in the outer world around you as well.


As you begin to tend to your soul, you energetically give others' around you permission to tend to their own soul. As you prioritize your energetic health, you will notice changes start to take place in the world around you. The changes are all for your best interest and highest good (and for the highest good of all involved.)

Magical things begin to happen and manifest when you go all in on this type of healing!

In the Coven you can expect:

    • Weekly Journaling/Writing Prompts to tap into your inner self healer and lightworker/witch/priestess.
    • Weekly Soul Work for you to strengthen your connection to your higher self.
      • Monthly live 60-minute Zoom Nurturers' Soul Healing Coven Call for you to burn away what is not serving you (literally we burn away energetic layers with holy fire reiki!) The monthly group call rotates between a healing call (holy fire reiki/hypnotherapy/Akashic records sessions), a moon ceremony or ritual for the new/full moons/eclipses and other astrological events.
      • Weekly Reflection Posts in the Group for the Moon Cycles and working with the energies of the cosmos
      • Weekly Card Pulls, Deep Dives and Monthly Intuitive Oracle Card Readings in the Group.
      • Reflections, posts and instructions on different spells, rituals, divination techniques, crystals & other healing tools to help you in your soul healing journey
      • Reflection posts for Witches, Lightworkers, Priestesses and suggestions for stepping further into your inner power and declaring your own path
      • A private FB Community for you to connect daily with your fellow members, ask questions and follow daily guidance prompts

Akashic Deep Dive Session

Are you desiring intuitive insights that tap into your unique Akashic Records, to reveal what your higher self has in store for you?

The Intuitive Insights Akashic Reading is a great way to work with me if you want to dive into your specific energies and insights to guide your path forward - in personal life, business, career, family, or any other area you're desiring to reveal soul-level insights.

*Add-on 30-day Voxer Integration Intuitive Empowerment Mentoring for $55.

Holy Fire Reiki and Chakra Balancing Session - 60 Minutes

In Holy Fire Reiki, you unblock, release and heal your mind/body/soul. When your life energy is low due to pressures and the stresses of life you may experience blocked emotional energy in your chakras, leaving you unable to handle life situations, experience mood swings and deep sadness, have difficulty sleeping, and become more susceptible to illness. Reiki and Chakra Balancing is an ancient healing art technique that increases a person's supply of Universal Life Force (which sustains us and continuously flows through us) by clearing and toning the emotional energy centers, promoting psychological healing, release of fear, worry, sadness and other unhealthy feelings. Reiki increases feelings of harmony, self-worth, confidence, deep peace and tranquility.

Holy Fire Reiki and Hypnotherapy Hybrid Session

In Holy Fire Reiki, you unblock, release and heal your mind/body/soul. When your life energy is low due to pressures and the stresses of life you may experience blocked emotional energy in your chakras, leaving you unable to handle life situations, experience mood swings and deep sadness, have difficulty sleeping, and become more susceptible to illness. Reiki and Chakra Balancing is an ancient healing art technique that increases a person's supply of Universal Life Force (which sustains us and continuously flows through us) by clearing and toning the emotional energy centers, promoting psychological healing, release of fear, worry, sadness and other unhealthy feelings. Reiki increases feelings of harmony, self-worth, confidence, deep peace and tranquility.

In Hypnotherapy, you will be placed in a very relaxed meditative state while I provide suggestions to you, that allow you to release deeply rooted subconscious beliefs, limiting decisions, and past hurts, disappointments and anything else that you are holding onto so you can feel better, feel free, feel peaceful, and feel in charge of your own path in life. Hypnotherapy is customized to each client's preferences on areas to work on.

This session will combine the power of energetic/chakra healing of holy fire reiki with the power of the releasing of subconscious beliefs with hypnotherapy.

The Blossoming Healing Session

Join me in this 60-minute session of ultimate healing immersion for you to be led from your higher self, spirit guides, angels and ancestors to heal/transmute past energies no longer serving you, and clear out any energy blockage from the past or present so you can move forward with inner peace and clarity, trusting deeply in your path ahead and that the universe/god/goddess/source/spirit is guiding you every step of the way.

In this session we work within your personal Akashic Records to clear out generational and current and past life karma and blockages that are holding you back in the present.

You will walk away with unshakeable certainty and clarity that you are being taken care of in the highest way possible, allowing the Great Mother to embrace you in your healing journey, and transmuting the past stuck energies from pain/stress/frustration into positive purpose/excitement/action and ultimate hope and regeneration. 

Moon Witch Intuitive Card Reading Monthly Membership

Join the Moon Witch Monthly Reading Membership to get (1) 30-minute personalized video card reading sent to you per month! All reading will focus on the current astrological season, moon phases and cosmic energies.

Bonus: Pay in Full for the year, and receive a "Solar Return" card reading during your birthday month.

All readings will be recorded and sent to you so you can download/save and review anytime you need to in the future.

Freebie Library

Welcome to the Freebie Library, where you'll find pre-recorded workshops, PDF Guides, Journals, Self-Hypnosis, Meditations and Healing Audios and more for stepping into your most powerful intuitive self and manifesting your dream life.

Also included here are all of my Free Challenges and Workshops previously hosted in Mom Intuitive Healing Circle Facebook Group. You're getting access to all of the freebies I've ever created and shared with my audience :-)

Intuitive Goal Setting Workbook

The Intuitive & Energetic Goal Setting Workbook is for you if you have a desire to manifest your goals from your deep intuition; and want a way to brainstorm and document your daily Intuitive Practice.

Learn how to determine what goals matter most to you, and how to work with your unique energy levels to start taking aligned actions on your goals.

11 Mindset Shifts for Abundance & Purpose


Do you desire to shift into a more abundant mindset, but are a little confused on how to even begin? Do you desire abundance in multiple areas of your life - but are finding it hard to access the "how" of attracting more abundance?

These 11 Quick-Win Mindset Shifts will help guide you starting immediately to shift into more abundance and purpose. The Mindset Shifts come along with space for journaling so you can dive deeper into any thoughts or resistance coming up for you while experiencing these mindset shifts.

Self-Hypnosis Audio Bundle

This Hypnosis audio for shifting energy will reframe your thoughts and open you up to powerfully receiving your manifesting energy in order to step into your own success and start taking action on your goals in your business and life.

Note when you sign up for this free hypnosis audio you are also signing up for my email list. I will never send you spam and you are free to unsubscribe at any time.

Chakras Rebalancing Audio Course

This is a 7-day audio course for chakras rebalancing your chakras.

Audio tracks for all 7 chakras plus reiki-infused Self-hypnosis audio tracks to really give you the tools you need to rebalance your chakras anytime you need a boost and energetic reset.

You deserve to feel balanced and spiritually well, and this audio course will help you with that. 

The audio course comes with a Journaling Guide and you have access to the audio course for the lifetime of the course.

Think of this as having a chakra energy session in your back pocket to rebalance and re-center yourself anytime you need, even if it's stepping outside for 5-10 minutes a day. Do something for yourself and your mental, spiritual, and physical health and well-being!

7 Chakra Card Reading

Using the Wild Unknown Archetypes as the basis for the reading, we’ll explore each of your seven chakras to determine what could be blocking each one, so you can get into deeper alignment and inner truth with yourself and what you are desiring to call forth in 2023 and beyond.

First we’ll get grounded energetically and then I’ll dive into the card reading for your specific energy body.

I’ll intuitively select other tools or card decks as the reading goes along based on what I’m called to use.

about me:

I'm an intuitive mindset coach and hypnotherapist for moms - focusing on helping moms move forward in their lives and businesses with purpose and confidence by learning to trust in their intuition and create a life by their own design!

2023 Manifesting Dreams- Chakra Vision Board Workshop

90-minute vision board workshop to Manifest your dreams and desires. Energetically align with your goals for 2023. Create a powerful vision board, using takeaway strategies and techniques and also use the power of the subconscious mind 🧠 to effect life -changing transformation. 

🧚‍♀️ Magically infuse the power of visualization and subconscious techniques to positively impact the vision you manifest for your life in 2023 & beyond.

🧚‍♂️ We will be going beyond simply creating a board with images and words (although that is encouraged), but this is a deep dive into archetypal themes & goals for your life that you want to manifest into reality in the coming year.

🧚 Using the power of oracle and tarot cards to draw out themes, focusing on the chakras to hone in on which area of life you feel most drawn to improve upon, or an area of health, mind/body connection, spiritual connection, etc. we will be going through several life areas according to the wheel of life so you can choose your personal themes. 

🧚‍♀️ Then we will use subconscious energetic releasing techniques to help you let go of old stories or limiting beliefs that tell you that you can't achieve your big dreams and goals in 2023.

💧 Bring lots of water and wear comfy clothes because this is going to be both a healing and an invigorating experience for you to tap into your unique energy to create your big vision for manifesting your goals and dreams in 2023 and beyond!

Zoom Recording will be available if you can't make it live!

$27 for the workshop plus journaling guide & accompanying healing crystals guide to set intentions to honor your unique vision each month!

Add on a private 1:1 60-min chakra archetype card reading (booked separately) and bundle both the workshop and reading for $111. 

This is a super-charged way to begin your year in a way that aligns with your unique intuition - I hope you can join me!! 🧚

Mom Energetic Reset Retreat Audio Course and Bonus Energetic Activation/Hypnosis Session

Join The Mom Energetic Reset Retreat where you will experience an energetic SHIFT so you can fully step into pursuing your big, wild goals consistently and sustainably and by using your unique energy and intuition to manifest your dream life & business. 🌻

This Retreat is both for Mom Entrepreneurs and other Moms who know they have a big purpose in the world, and want to shift into aligned action toward their goals in a way that's sustainable and doesn't involve burning out or hustling 24/7.

The Retreat is hosted on a private podcast feed on Hello Audio, and you'll gain access to the feed upon signing up, along with supplemental course materials, PDFs, and an energetic activation and hypnosis to go along with the retreat so you can integrate all of the energy work you walked through during the retreat and continue to see massive results in your everyday life.

Summer Solstice Sister Healing Circle

With the Solstice energies this is a big acceleration of energies and a chance to make decisions that best serve your highest self.

The Solstice is bringing higher consciousness and higher self awakening to those of us who are ready to receive it.

Join me on June 21 for a special Summer Solstice Sister Healing Circle 🌈

Solstices remind us that light and dark define each other, always in a dance of balance. As soon as we reach the farthest point, we dance back to the center and beyond again.

We are forever seeking a balance between the wild and undomesticated parts of ourselves.

This Healing Circle will consist of a healing meditation and group reiki session to call in the energies of the summer solstice- awakening, blossoming, and stepping into our inner power. Self-expression and birthing creations into the world.

This is a 60-minute event for you to receive reiki healing energy and to embody the creations you are birthing into the world at this time.

Intuitive card pulls and journaling are optional after the reiki session to allow you to process any inspiration that came through in the session.

This session is complimentary and I invite all who feel called to participate 💕

The Replay will be posted in this MemberVault Portal.

HOLIDAY BUNDLE - Energetic Reset Retreat, Manifesting Dreams Workshop, Hypnosis Audio Bundle

This special bundle includes three incredibly powerful resources that will help you step into 2024 feeling ready to manifest all your goals!

1. Mom Energetic Reset Retreat including private audio podcast feed; Bonus Cord Cutting Session and Energetic Activation & Hypnosis Session.

This Retreat is both for Mom Entrepreneurs and other Moms who know they have a big purpose in the world, and want to shift into aligned action toward their goals in a way that's sustainable and doesn't involve burning out or hustling 24/7. The retreat includes a convenient private podcast feed you can take on the go!!

2. Manifesting Dreams Vision Board Workshop & Masterclass

A 90-minute vision board workshop to Manifest your dreams and desires. Energetically align with your goals for 2024. Create a powerful vision board, using takeaway strategies and techniques and also using the power of the subconscious mind 🧠 to effect life changing transformation. 

Magically infuse the power of visualization and subconscious techniques to positively impact the vision you manifest for your life in 2024 & beyond.

3. Hypnosis Audio Bundle for

  • Overcoming Limiting Belief “Not good enough” and Stepping into your Power 
  • Overcoming Anxiety / Reducing Stress 
  • Inner Child Self-Hypnosis for getting to root causes

These three powerful hypnosis sessions will set you up for subconscious success in 2024 and beyond. Start with these sessions to launch into your subconscious healing journey. All audios can be listened to daily, or rotate as needed.

Winter Solstice Ritual and Hypno-Reiki Healing Event

The Winter Solstice Ritual and Hypno-Reiki Healing Event was created for you to release the energies of the past year, while calling in what it is you are desiring for the coming year.

Winter Solstice is a time of deep inner reflection, rest and resetting; going inward to deeply reflect on what it is you are shedding and what it is you are calling in.

This event provides you the healing and reflection to do just that. Just sit back and get comfy, and enjoy!

Imbolc Healing Ceremony with Holy Fire Reiki

Join me in a Holy Fire Reiki Healing Experience on 2/2 at 2:00pm CST to celebrate Imbolc (halfway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox) and call in renewed energies to support your goals!

What is Imbolc?

It's the celebration of the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. We also honor the Goddess Brigid at this time - for blessings of rebirth, blooming, creativity and abundance and burning away what no longer serves us.

This will be a 60-minute guided group session to release energy from your body, mind and soul that isn't serving you and call in renewed energies to support your goals.

Enchantment: A Soulful Writer's Mini-Mind with Ritual and Magickal Infusion

You are here because you have heard the calling to reclaim your inner voice and power to lead your life. 

You are ready to submerge from the self-imposed mental cave you’ve been hiding in.


You have the call to share your story with the world; you know it’s time to step out of hiding and face your fear of being seen for who you really are.


You’ve arrived at this point in your life with the knowledge that playing small isn’t going to serve you any longer.

You’re ready to hit a bigger stage -  and that stage is getting your words and your soulful story onto paper and into published form.

It’s sharing that story with people who will be inspired into action to embark on their own healing journey. This is RIPPLE EFFECT LEVEL SOULFUL EXPRESSION.

We don't play small here.

Your soul knows that this is the path. It’s why you keep seeing the signs and synchronicities everywhere that you’re meant to be sharing your story. That you’re meant to heal your voice and call forth your wild untamed authenticity.


Come join ENCHANTMENT - A Soulful Writer’s Mini-Mind with Ritual and Magical Infusion ✨ to fully unearth your deepest truths and put them to paper in a way you never have before.

This magical mini-mind is a safe space for you to heal through storytelling and also take inspired aligned action on your writing goals.

Every time we vulnerably share a personal story, we energetically shift and heal a piece of ourselves, and we also send out healing energy to the collective (and give them permission to also share their stories.) 🙌

This is for New Earth Spiritual Women Leaders who feel called to take a journey to dig deep and get your soulful writing from idea to paper/computer and eventually published to book form (yes, I'm helping you with this WHOLE process through this Mini-Mind but it’s also a soulful, spiritual journey for you to examine & release anything that is stopping you from embodying your inner intuitive muse and unleashing your creative power to the world.)

It's time to suspend all disbelief that your dreams are inevitable, and you're always on the right path. ✨

This is the first cohort of the magical mini-mind, so know that you're getting in on the ground floor of a HUGE MOVEMENT of spiritual women leaders who are ready to break through the ceiling to the next level in sharing their voices with the world.

This is about AWAKENING to your HIGHER SELF EXPRESSION, and sharing that expression with the world in a way that resonates most with your soul.

It's about unapologetically reclaiming your voice that might have been buried or pushed down IN THE PAST. 

It's also about discovering the creative MUSE within yourself, knowing that you do not need to look outside for creative inspiration; it lives right within you. We will be diving into several embodiment and activation calls to reignite your soulful inner intuitive muse and invite all of her wisdom, creative inspiration and pure passion into you life.

I'm calling in 8 beautiful souls to join me in this creative soulful experience - Are you one of them?

This will be a beta program experience for the first 3 months meaning you get in on the ground floor at a fraction of the final price of the program ✨💜

Use code BETA444 for 50% off the price of the mini-mind for a 3-month duration.

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