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Akashic Deep Dive Session

Are you desiring intuitive insights that tap into your unique Akashic Records, to reveal what your higher self has in store for you?

The Intuitive Insights Akashic Reading is a great way to work with me if you want to dive into your specific energies and insights to guide your path forward - in personal life, business, career, family, or any other area you're desiring to reveal soul-level insights.

My Akashic Sessions are quickly becoming a go-to for clients to deep dive into their soul level inquiries - in business, personal life, career, family, and relationships.In these sessions I bring in my spiritual/soul gifts of clairsentience (clear feeling), claircognizance (clear knowing), clairvoyance (clear seeing) and clairaudience (clear hearing), and my 3 years of spiritual and intuitive mentoring experience to help you reveal your soul path forward through the gateway of your Akashic Records.

What past clients are saying:

“I felt something big release in my session. I can't quite explain it but I feel lighter and much more confident in my path forward.”

“You held me in such a beautiful protected safe space while I was exploring my Akashic records. I was able to just completely surrender and dig in to get the soul answers I needed.”

“I got so much confirmation and clarity on my path and direction, thank you so much!!”

“I gained clarity on things that I need to address in my healing and that may be holding me back.

”These sessions are becoming my magical go-to way to dive into getting your soul-level answers while holding you in a safe space to explore your intuition and higher self guidance. Don't be surprised if healing and deep understanding comes through, as it's all channeled guidance from the masters, teachers and loved ones and your spirit team. When you open yourself up to these soul inquiries, you gain past/present/future insights and you are able to step through the door of your aligned soul path with more clarity and certainty.

How would it feel if you could wake up tomorrow knowing what next aligned action to take? Or getting insights as to your brand messaging, what to offer in your business, or the next steps in your spiritual healing journey? Or the title of your book that you have a big dream to write?

All of these insights plus more can be asked inside the Akashic Records. There's no limits on what we can ask; but the more specific the better.

Can't wait to reveal your soul insights together!

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