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Self-Hypnosis Audio Bundle

This Self-Hypnosis for Stepping into Your Power and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs will reframe your thoughts and open you up to powerfully receiving your manifesting energy in order to step into your own success and start taking action on your goals in your business and life.

The self-hypnosis walks you through the seven chakras to heal and release anything stuck so you can REACH FOR MORE in your life unapologetically.

4 Modules

Self-Hypnosis for Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Listen to the audio at the beginning or end of your day for at least a week straight to notice the changes start to take place in your energy and aligned actions.

Self-Hypnosis for Anxiety and Stress Reduction

This is a self-hypnosis I created for anxiety, stress and overwhelm reduction in your everyday life. Use this self-hypnosis when you desire to enter a state of calm and relaxation, when you feel anxiety or stress present in your life, or before bedtime for a peaceful night's sleep.

Self-Hypnosis for Inner Child

Next Steps

So what comes next after listening to the Self-Hypnosis?

Modules for this product 4

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