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Mom Intuitive Healing Circle Membership

The Mom Entrepreneur Intuitive Healing Circle Membership 

This is the membership to support you in becoming a spiritually focused mom entrepreneur, spiritual mom, awakening to your gifts, and stepping into your power & purpose in your life and your business.


If you consider yourself Spiritual mom entrepreneur, this membership will help you in your spiritual awakening, developing your intuition, ascension, developing your spiritual gifts, discovering your purpose, stepping into your power, deep subconscious healing, how to work with energy to help you heal and step into your power, working with nature to manifest your goals, working with the chakras to clear stuck energy, and working with the moon cycles. Each month will feature a different spiritual and intuitive focus area that we do a deep dive into.

You will also learn how to tap into your unique energetic blueprint to guide your life & business.

We'll be using oracle cards to tap into your intuitive power, and Intuitive guided Journaling.

This is all about guiding your own life and business plan based on your intuition and what your unique soul is calling you to do.

We'll also dive into Using Crystals to amplify your intentions and manifesting power.

All monthly workshops, meditations, and self-hypnosis are included within the members' price.

In this monthly membership you'll receive:

  • Weekly Journaling/Writing Prompts to tap into your intuitive power
  • Weekly Soul Work for you to strengthen your connection to your intuition
  • A monthly live Zoom Healer's Circle Call for you to gain confidence and unblock limiting beliefs
  • Weekly extended Tarot/Oracle Readings in the Group for guided Intuitive Inspiration
  • Recorded and Live Video Trainings for Intuitive Development, Manifestation, Spirituality in Business, and much more
  • Monthly Challenges for you to dive deeper into your unique intuitive power and manifest your goals from your unique power
  • A private FB community for you to connect daily with your fellow members, ask questions, follow daily intuitive guidance prompts, meditations and energy healing sessions and more.

All for the Founding Members' Price of $44/month!

The Details

The membership will be hosted here on MemberVault, and will include a private FB Group for members to communicate, ask questions, as well as receive further intuitive guidance and support from me and my team!

The full 2023 schedule will be released in December, but here is a sneak peak of the first 3 months:

January: Building Unshakeable Self-Worth - We're beginning the new year developing your self-worth, and framing your healing journey through the lens of self-compassion.

In this month, we will:

  • Work together so you can gain an understanding of your nervous system's protective patterns
  • Let go of old patterns of people pleasing
  • Finally start prioritizing yourself without feeling guilty or selfish - as moms it's hard to do things for ourselves, but we will really get you in a place of feeling good about prioritizing your healing journey
  • Work on Allowing emotions to flow through instead of suppressing them; learn techniques to release stuck energy and stuck emotions (Emotions are energy in motion.)

Most programs start out January with goal setting, but I believe we first need to dive into giving yourself permission to prioritize YOU and your big goals and dreams. So that's what we'll do in January in the membership.

*Add on private 1:1 Voxer coaching on anything coming up as you move through your journey 3 days/week M-F during business hours for an additional $97 per month.

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