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Becoming: An Intuitive Empowerment Journey to Reclaim Your Soul Calling

Are you ready to disrupt your generational energetic wounds and patterns, disconnect those energetic connections and ties for good and find your alignment and synergy with all parts of your soul to align to your higher self's vision for your life?

I invite you to apply to my 1:1 Intuitive Empowerment Journey, where you will heal, transform and confidently take aligned action on your big, wild life goals by engaging in a high level mind/body/soul alignment and intuitive self-discovery process using a variety of spiritual and mindset healing tools, customized to your unique journey.

Knowing that you hold the key to your soul calling, this customized mentorship will allow you to dig deep to find that key within, underneath the layers of societal programming, expectations, and outside influences, that were entangled within you for so long. Recognizing that your unique journey unfolds over time, is why I set this mentorship for a period of 6-months so we can really deeply explore what that journey looks like for you.

It's your time to unapologetically step into the life your soul is calling you to live.

It's your time to fully embrace your deep intuitive truths and passions.

You deserve living your biggest, wildest life on Earth, because it's your birthright. We were all born deserving of love, joy, peace, fulfilment, and abundance. It's somewhere along the journey, where we pick up programming that tells us a different story. We pick up programming that tells us we are not good enough to follow our dreams, that we are not good enough to do what our soul is truly calling us to do. These stories, limiting beliefs, hurts, traumas and disappointments leave energetic imprints on our souls, and we have the power within us to clear out these imprints so we can take back our divine birthright.

It's time to Write a New Story. Your Story. It's time to clear the stagnant energy, wounds and programming that have kept you stuck for so long.

It’s time to deeply heal your soul.

You are ready. You've always been ready. This is your invitation to explore your unique intuitive journey in a safe 1:1 container.

This 6-month mentorship alternates a 1:1 intuitive empowerment session and energy clearing (2x per month) with a 60-minute 1:1 hypnotherapy, reiki, or hypno-reiki session and energy clearing (2x per month), meeting live on Zoom each session. In your intuitive empowerment sessions, you choose the focus and your goals. Intuitive empowerment sessions may include spiritual card readings, chakra balancing and clearing work, reiki and other energetic clearing exercises, energetic cord cutting, timeline therapy, among other techniques that are a good fit for you intuitively.

This mentorship has a special focus on clearing generational imprints and traumas because I truly believe that those imprints are carried with us, and live in our subconscious minds and energetic bodies until we take back our power and choose to clear them out. So when we are attempting to manifest our goals and not making progress, it could be something hiding under the surface. When we come up against the same challenges time and again, it's usually an indication something deeper is calling to be healed, transformed, transmuted or simply to be 'seen' and acknowledged so we can release it.

I invite you to fill out this 1:1 application if you're ready to take this intuitive empowerment journey together. I can't wait to see what pure life force energy and magic you step into.

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I'd love to know more about you before we dive into our first sessions together. Please fill out the attached Questionnaire.

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