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Calm the Chaos Planner

The Calm the Chaos Planner is a collection of my very best planning and mindset tools to help you overcome the overwhelm in your weeks and finally be able to set aside time to schedule in your personal goals without feeling like you're in over your head. Sound good? Click the link to sign-up and the Totally Free Planner (12 pages of actionable planning steps) will be yours!! I'm so excited to share this resource with you!

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Step #2: Envision Your Dream Week

Now that you took some time to determine what you truly value and what makes you feel a sense of accomplishment, now is the time to Envision your Dream Working Mom Week.

Dreams come true

Download the accompanying worksheet attached in Lesson: Envision Your Dream Week.

Step #3: Intentional Focus Areas

As working moms our focus areas may ebb and flow depending on what is going on in our career and personal lives. 

It's never going to be a one-sized fits all plan for all moms - so that's why I created the Intentional Focus Areas reflection so you can start truly thinking of what areas you'd like to focus on in any given week/month.

The six focus areas are:

  • Family
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Career
  • Personal
  • Spiritual

Step #4: Your Self-Development Plan

A huge part of setting up my working mom weeks with intention + purpose have involved incorporating a self-development plan that I can go through at my own pace, and add to my personal learning.

Step #5: Focus Words

I've found it valuable when coming up with a purposeful plan of action to spell out some focus words that I choose for the week, month or quarter. 

Step #6: Plan Your Month

This calendar is reserved for you to plan your month based on your focus goals and priorities that you brainstormed in the previous exercise.

Step #7: Weekly Vision

Use the weekly vision page to map out your weeks- don’t forget to include your aligned action steps broken down into manageable tasks you can realistically get completed during your week.

👉 What's Next?

So what comes next after completing the 11 Mindset Shifts for Abundance and Purpose?

If you're feeling called to explore transformational mindset shifting, releasing and healing on a deeper level, I've got you covered.

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